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How to solve the common problems of homemade boiled fish


Poaching is originally the healthiest and best way to preserve the nutrition of fresh fish. However, once it is soaked in a bowl of oil of unknown origin, how delicious it is is a little scary. It is better to do it yourself.

If you cook your own fish, you will also encounter some problems. For example, fish fillets are crumbly and easily disintegrated. Even if they are not broken in a bowl, they are easily scattered. Also, if the fish fillets are not tasty enough, the taste is light; It's a good control of the heat; in addition, why can't we always make that kind of bright, attractive red?

Today, I talked about how I solved the common problems encountered in homemade boiled fish.

1, how to do low oil: home cooking boiled fish, do not have to use completely boiled water, boiled white soup with fish bones, boiled fish soup in the soup, fish bones, fish soup, fish fillets are all loaded, spicy oil only The surface is covered with a thin layer and it looks oily. Each piece of fish is also tainted with red oil. It is fragrant and spicy. It does not affect the taste. In fact, the amount of oil has been greatly reduced, even the fish soup in the oil. You can drink it.

2. How to control the taste and color: The spicy taste is entirely on your own experience. Pepper and pepper are special, and they like to bear more, especially pepper. Can not afford, "Ye Gong Hao Long" who will lay a little. But there are the same, want to bright red color, not simply rely on dried fried red pepper can be solved, I do not know how others do, I usually use the classic flavor of Sichuan flavor: spicy bean paste. Whether it is seasoning or excellent, watercress is quite awesome. Even if this practice is not enough authentic, there will be no problem with it.

3, how to make the fish more resilient: along the lines of fish under the inclined blade fish, if retrograde, must be broken; fish thickness should be moderate, too thick to affect the taste, too thin is easy to disintegrate; fillet pickled time To be long enough for fish to taste salty, fish fillets will be more tenacious, it is best to marinate to more than 2 hours, at least 1 hour; using sweet potato starch sizing, more gluten than other starch; finally, fish Do not stir after the tablet is in the pan.

4, how to make the fish more tasty: pickled for a long time naturally more tasty. Of course, the ratio of the main marinade is also very important, the general ratio of salt, sugar and chicken is 1:1:1, you can basically salty taste palatability, taste can add a little salt, if you can not hold chicken essence. Adding bean paste to the bottom of the soup also makes the fillets taste better.

5, how to keep fresh fish fillets: The key is to control the heat, cook it old is not delicious. After the fish is put in the pan, press it into the soup. If you change color, you can cook it and cook it for about 1 or 2 minutes. Don't be afraid of unfamiliarity. After cooking, the hot soup still continues to heat fish fillets, and then it is poured with hot oil.

There is also the simplest way to make: buy boiled fish seasoning, free to bring master Sichuan cuisine home!

Boiled Fish Seasoning

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