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The effect and effect of chili sauce


Chili sauce is mostly made in Sichuan and it is made of oil and water. The oil is made from sesame oil and chilli. The color is bright red. There is a layer of sesame oil floating on it and it is easy to store. The water system is made of water and pepper, and the color is bright red and it is not easy to keep.

1. Antipyretic analgesia: pepper Xin Wen, can reduce body temperature by sweating, and relieve muscle pain, so it has a strong antipyretic and analgesic effect

2. Prevention of Canceration: Capsaicin, an active ingredient of pepper, is an antioxidant that blocks the metabolism of related cells, thereby halting the cancerous process of cells and reducing the incidence of cancer cells.

3. Increase appetite and help digestion: The strong spicy taste of pepper can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase appetite, promote intestinal motility, and help digestion.

4. Lipid-reducing and dieting: capsaicin contained in pepper can promote the metabolism of fat and prevent the accumulation of body fat, which is beneficial to reducing fat and preventing obesity.

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