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Tomato sauce, tomato sauce skill processing


A tomato tart
1. Process flow: Material selection → Peeling → Squeezing → Hardening → Cleaning → Sugaring → Candied → Baking → Finished product.
2. Making points:
Choice of ingredients: Choose a fruit that is thick and juicy, but full-red, but not too ripe. Excluding the lack of maturity, pests and diseases, broken and unqualified fruits.
Peeling: Pre-cooked the washed tomato fruit in boiling water for about 1 minute. Immediately cool and remove the tomato peel.
Juice: Dig stalks and slits at the stalk to gently squeeze the juice.
Hardening: Soak the fruit into 0.3% calcium chloride solution for 2 hours.
Cleaning: Wash the hardened greens with water, remove the greens, drain the water.
Candied: To drain the tomato after water, soaked in 30% sugar solution for 24 hours, plus 0.3% sugar citric acid.
Candied: Pour the candied tomatoes together with the immersion liquid into a pan and slowly raise the temperature to boiling. About half an hour later, the tomato fruit is immersed in a porcelain jar and soaked for 12 to 24 hours. So repeatedly soaked 2 to 3 times, each time to increase the concentration of sugar. When the concentration of boiled sugar reaches 65%, stop the fire and pour into the porcelain tank for 8 to 10 hours, then remove the tomato fruit and drain it.
Baking: The tomato fruit that drains the sugar liquid is put on the baking plate, and is baked at 60°C-65°C to make the water content reach 18%, and the soluble solid content can reach 70%.
3. Quality requirements: dark red color, transparent, not return sand, no sugar, sweet and sour, with the flavor of tomato fruit, more than 65% sugar content, water content of about 18%.
Second, ketchup
1. Process flow: material selection → cleaning → trimming → scalding → beating → heating → concentration → sealing → sterilization → cooling → finished products.
2. Making points:
Choice of ingredients: Choose ripe fruit, bright color, high dry matter content, thin skin, thick flesh, and little seeds as raw materials.
Washing, dressing: Wash the fruit surface, remove the fruit pedicles and green and decayed parts.
Blanching: Boil in hot water for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the flesh and facilitate beating.
Paddle: Break the pulp with a double tracker to remove the peel seeds.
Heating and Concentrating: Stir constantly and heat to a solids content of 22% to 24%.
Canned seals: Immediately after concentration, cans are sealed.
Sterilization and cooling: Sterilize in boiling water at 100°C for 20-30 minutes and cool to 35°C-40°C.
3. Product quality requirements: The sauce body is red-brown, uniform, with a certain degree of viscosity, taste acid, no odor, soluble solids of 22% to 24%. Leting County

Tomato hot pot Soup Bottom

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